Sunday, June 27, 2010

June 14, 1943

R#1 Box 100
Yoncolla, Oregon
June 14, 1943

Dear folks

Today I got Dad’s card from Jeff saying that you were send my ring, glass case and watch. I’ll sure appreciate a watch. I have sort of gotten used to not having one but it will be easy to get use to having one again. I still reach for my watch pocket occasionally. There are 2 watches beside the boss’s in the crew. So another may be sort of handy sometimes. Sometimes we are a little way apart which we are cutting brush along the “line.”
Yesterday (Sunday) I went into Camp Elkton. I printed a few pictures for some mysteries (?) that I brought back with me. I sent a couple of extra prints. If I don’t forget like I did with the sugar stamp. I trust you found that in the next letter. I guessed you hadn’t got my letter telling my new address before you sent the package. It will be forwarded tho.
It is getting a little late and I’m sort of sleepy. I did my washing tonight too. I used to hear about bending over a washboard but now I know about it. I’d rather send my clothes to a laundry. But we are living the simple life.
We surveyed a mile today and that’s pretty good. The Boss said that was all the expected of us. I’m not so tired I guess I’m getting broken in now but it really pooed me the first week.
I recon that you men folk are plowing corn like the dickens. I hope you have the new cultivator by now or at leas see it coming.
I’ll tell you about the guys I work with sometimes. --- with an interesting bunch. Good variety of personalities and background. All pretty good guys.
Time to sign off.
A quarter of a century old

P.S. Mom’s birthday card came a day late due to forwarding but it was just as good. Thanks Mom.

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