Sunday, June 6, 2010

Corn and Surveying

There is a lot of info in this letter about surveying, I suspect it has changed a lot in the last 67 years. I remember helping Tim set up and mark off spots for building on our property in Hillsboro. We didn't have any chains but I held a stick where he told me to and he would look through his device at another point.
Thinking about planting corn reminded me of the blue corn Tim has planted in the front yard, a very small patch. Two years ago we grew beans, quite a few of them in the front yard. I got very fond of blue corn the year that I lived at the Zen Center in Jemez Springs. We planted corn, a lot of it and harvested the blue corn, then dried it. My favorite was when we would grind it fresh in the morning and make atole for breakfast, yum.
Another memory of corn was visiting Grandma Aldrich (who lived to be 96) at the nursing home. If we came in the summer or early fall, she would look at us with longing and say 'I bet you'll have some roasting ears at Charles'. It was very good. Nice to think about summer treats as the heat here is into the 100's.

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