Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spring Break is Coming

Dad mentions spring break and we are about to take one and head off to Pendle Hill for the Beyond Diversity 101 intensive. I do not plan to post for the next week and a half. A little down time from computers. In this letter I enjoyed Dad's description of an assistant in the workshop who was 'all I don't want in a man'. I always thought that Dad knew how to get along with everyone and enjoyed everyone, I guess he learned that trait as he worked. In his carpentry business he hired a wide variety of people. When my parents had their 50th wedding anniversary we had people put on their name tags when and where they had met Barney and Dorothy. I was surprised at how many people had worked for Dad at one time or another. He would hire folks out of college who didn't have a job or the sons and daughters of their friends. At his memorial some people mentioned that his remodeling business was as much a social program as a carpentry business. I remember my mother would often complain about the long coffee breaks. Dad was not out to make a lot of money. The business phone was our home phone and the rule was 'if they are in a hurry we're not interested'.

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