Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Japanese and a fat guy

It is enjoyable to time travel and see how things were seen differently. Dad talks about the way that the Japanese were viewed and mentions a 'fat guy' who weighs over 250 pounds. The pictures we have of Dad from this time, show him as fairly thin. Which I think was the norm. Quakers on the west coast did get involved with helping out the Japanese-Americans as they were sent to internment camps and then also helping those in the camps, especially the young people get to college. I have heard that one of the unintended outcomes of the internment camps was to move Japanese-Americans from farmers on the coast to professionals through-out the country. One Quaker, Gordon Hirabayashi, who was a nisei (2nd generation Japanese-American) challenged the internment and the case went all the way to the supreme court. These stories are told in 'The Western Quaker Reader'.

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