Wednesday, December 9, 2009

November 15, 1942

Sun. nit, 11/15/42
How are you all? I’m still well and happy. Before long I’ll be sending up a smoke signal for you to send me my bed blankets, sheets will be getting cold. There are a few things that I wish you’d hunt up so you can send them to me with my blankets. The belt for my raincoat, my Disipline, and if there are any pamplets “What Should a Christian Do?” I don’t know where I left any of this stuff that is why I am telling you in time to find it. Also I could use some chocolate, the kind that you mix with hot water, one guy had some named Nestles it had dried milk in it and was very good. If you happen to see any get some for me. We could use some old rags to wash the printing press maybe you could pack some with some cookies. Cookies should be packed as tight as possible some of the last ones were pulverized.

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