Monday, July 23, 2012

One out of sequence and back to the IRS

The post below this one, is a letter to Dad's youngest sister, Eileen. Somehow I skipped it yesterday, so I am posting it today. I also got word from the law school that the IRS penalty appeals officer ruled that I need to pay all of the penalty. It has been a kind of through the looking glass and onto the roller coaster type of ride. When I started with the penalty appeal a year ago, I said that 'it isn't about me, I didn't ask for it and why will open'. Today I am thinking, 'what is the way that is opening?' We will petition to go to tax court and could be dealing with this until next March. It is amazing how long this process is.


  1. Hi Vickie. I would have liked to send you an email but I could not find any contact information. I am working on the Civilian Public Service website ( which is a database of the men, like your father, who served in CPS and also has information on the camps they were in. I would very much like to link to or post excerpts from a couple of posts from your blog on your dad's record ( Please email me if you get a chance! (

  2. So glad to see that you are doing this website.