Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Bigger God and goodbye wages

In this letter of Dad's there is a major change in his religious views. He says, " some of the Athiests were better Christians than I was. So I got busy and tried to figure it out and I can’t see as much in religion as I used to. When I finally made up my mind that I didn’t believe religion as I had been taught it" . One of my interests in posting the letters is to track this change in belief. When he entered he was a very Christian centered Quaker, who believed in answering calls for salvation. Over the 4 years he got what he calls a 'liberal education'. He now believes in a bigger God and he also seems to have a firm view about what he believes and that this will not be changing back to his old beliefs. It is interesting that his change seems to be shared by others in CPS. As for me here in 2011, I have been busy and have not been blogging and I am now having to catch up with the new blog format. Last weekend we had our Quaker women's retreat at Claires in Reserve. It was enjoyable. On the IRS side, they finally got some money, it came from my paycheck. they and the bank had said that money would be levied from my bank account for the taxes owed for 2008 and 2009. Then a week before payday I got an e-mail saying the wages would be garnished and I could submit some numbers for dependents so that they would take less. I did not do this and they took most of the paycheck. I believe they will do the same this week and that should complete the garnishing of the wages, for the taxes owed for those years. This week was the Whole Enchilada Fiesta and we set up the Peace Crane Memorial again. It is interesting, since where ever we have set it up it has meaning for some people, not huge crowds but some who are deeply touched. It is interesting work. I know during the last few weeks I have thought at times of what I wanted to write here, but now can not remember it. I'm glad I figured out how to get back into it with the new set up.

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