Sunday, February 6, 2011

Throwing nubbins

In this weeks letter Dad is missing picking corn. I gather that nubbins are corn cobs. I just googled it and it says they are small corn cobs. He also shares about the changes his cousin Kingsly is going through in the army as he is fighting I think in northern Africa, and how war changes people.
I was visiting with Friends in Gila Friends Meeting today, this is a 2 hour drive or as Tim hypermiles it maybe three. So I got to thinking about the changes from Mt.View Meeting beginning in Denver in the 1950's to the meetings starting up here in Las Cruces and Silver City in the late 1970's or early 1980's. We were full of idealistic young people and families. Now we are at a stage where we are mostly older folks and not very idealistic, not dreaming and excited. I saw my parents go through this as well. I enjoy reading the energy and excitement in Dad's letters when he was in his 20's. As their generation aged, there were so many of us young booming idealistic people we ignored their grumpyness and discouragement, it was there. Now as we age there are so many of us in our 50's, 60's and beyond that we do not have that luxury of grumpyhood without being overwhelmed by it. I think we need to encourage the younger friends and we need to lighten up and enjoy life, we need to accept the times we are in. Be present with what is given to us. I believe there is great work for Friends to do in this world at this time. I think this work must be grounded in spirit. our task is to listen deeply to ourselves and to others to hear that spirit. Many of us have been blessed with knowing and working with one another here in the west for many years. Those years and experiences and memories are like a deep well we can draw from. So much for my rambling.
On the weather side we went through the big freeze this last week and a lot of folks wells froze. Our pipes froze and we took up a friend's offer to shower at her place, which was greatly appreciated.

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