Sunday, December 5, 2010

creative thinking

The line that struck me in this weeks letter is the following: "the human mind being made to do creative thinking and work and if we get into some thinking or work that we don’t think is creative we aren’t living normaly." As the semester ends we all talk at the college about creative and critical thinking and how we want students to do it. I've been taking a couple of classes on online teaching and learning and boy do I love the creative part of it. Learning and thinking about things seems to run in our family. I also sure agree with the statement about wanting to make progress, I think that is what is so difficult right now with the economy being so sluggish and in education we are at a point where the money does not want to come our way but the students do. It is probably time for a paradigm shift. I feel I have made some good choices, we are not getting raises so I thought what can I get and decided to apply for this program to get a Masters Certificate in online teaching and learning. In this way I feel I am making progress and getting something for my efforts, plus planning for the future. I am finding that the online teaching lends itself to creative and critical thinking. I've been challenged but am also having a good time.

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