Sunday, November 28, 2010

Back in the shop, Samaritans and Bahai

In this letter Dad is back in the shop at Elkton. He has some interesting visitors, there is a guy who relates the story of the good Samaritan saying "what's mine is mine and I'm going to share it" Dad says that's pretty sound religion to him. Then when a woman of the Bahai faith visits, he says he's not for it because the person who started it felt he had the 'one pipeline to God' and Dad is for everyone having their own pipeline. These two ideas are very basic to Quakers sharing the wealth and resources and everyone having God within or direct access to God.
Here in 2010 we just finished with Thanksgiving and got to skype with Jenny and Chris for almost an hour. Definitely and interesting way to communicate. We are also near the end of the semester so I have been grading today. Tomorrow Mary Burton Risely will be here on her way back from Iran, she was traveling with FOR and it will be interesting to hear her stories.

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